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My qualifications

I’m afraid this is a bit of a bug bear of mine! 


There are many people out there touting themselves as

massage & myo-fascial release therapists.  Some have only done

a weekend’s training.  Properly trained therapists do “continual professional development” (CPD) and indeed are obliged to do

this to remain part of a recognised therapists association.

Make sure you find someone who has done the proper training before you let someone loose on you or your pet!


I thought it might be useful to list out the most recent training

I have done. 

2021       So Far:  Reiki for humans and animals, positional release


2020       Full dissections, equine podiatry, equine arthritis, canine                        neurology patients, muscle testing & 91 further hours of                          training!

2019       Full body equine analysis with Neill Saunders

                Triangulation assess. & therapy with L Mauferon-Vernet

                 T Touch and equine behaviour


2018       Bitting with Hilary Vernon

                Understanding physiotherapy machines with IAAT

                Equine MFR with Ruth Mitchell-Golladay

                Canine wound management & 1st Aid course with St

                Giles animal centre

2017       Fascial Edge tool training

                Equine MFR with Dawn McCaig

                MFR Equine Dural techniques

                MFR on legs and ribcage – extra techniques

                Vet symposium with Noel Fitzpatrick

                FORWARD symposium with Noel Fitzpatrick

                Energy Healing with Margrit Coates

                Practical Saddle fit with Rachel Sivyer

                Canine core exercise & proprioception with Chapel Farm  

                BHS Stage 3 Horse Knowledge & Care

2016       Canine Acupuncture & acupressure with S. Andresier

                Equine bad behaviour vs pain with G. Keegan

                Equine biomechanics with G Keegan

                Managing equine back Pathology with G Keegan

2015       Equine sports Massage course with IAAT

                Canine sports massage course with IAAT

                BHS Stage 1 & 2 Horse knowledge & care & riding

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