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What is Fascia?

It’s a 3-d web of connective tissue in our bodies. It acts as the information and structural highway of the body and surrounds every muscle, organ, nerve, artery, vein and tendon inside us. 


It connects everything to each other.  It’s what makes us the shape that we are. 


In its normal state, the fascia is fluid. It is made up of water and two types of protein:  elastin for flexibility and collagen for support.  Under the microscope, fascia looks like a beautiful spider’s web.  It forms an elegant dance around the body, capable of infinite movement in many directions at once. 


This web constantly forms and reforms adjusting to the stresses and strains we put our bodies under.  The fascia is amazingly strong – it has the tensile strength of 2000lbs/square inch.  Within the body, the fascia holds everything in perfect balance, being strong and flexible. 

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