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Red is my top spa pony who finds he cant stand on 3 legs after massage!

A big jaw stretch when working on the ribs!

“Alix Tidmarsh is amazing.  My pony was very stiff in his neck, shoulders, ribs and hind quarters and down through his back legs. When Alix first came to sort my pony out and had given him his sports massage,  I rode him the next day and he felt amazing:  he was able to bend both sides of his neck, all the stiffness he had was gone and my pony was really relaxed.

My riding instructor had commented how well my pony was going after having this massage and he has got stronger in everything that we are now doing.

 I use Alix on a regular basis and my pony is going incredible  and I am jumping knowing that's he has no tightness in his body. Having a sport massage regularly has shown me how important it is and how it has improved my riding and my horse. I had my saddler on Saturday and the first thing she said was how well my pony was going and overwhelmed how he was being ridden straight and not all over the place - a comment like that to me means everything.

Alix is so for the animal and will spend all the time it needs to make sure your horse is right and will give you all the advice you need;   she also tells you what you need to do with your horse and explains why.  When I am watching this massage being done each time, it is out of this world seeing that my pony is so relaxed - all pressure has been taken away and that he falls asleep it's worth all the weight of gold in the world. One happy owner with a very happy horse. I have friends that are also having Alix on a regular basis and they have also found Alix amazing too with their horses.

Thank you Alix for everything you have done for my pony.” Kate

Cant resist a dachsie!

"Alix is a wonderful and friendly lady that explains everything she is doing and about the reaction she is getting from my horse. My horse loves seeing her and relaxes so much with her.

When I ride normally the day after we take it easy but the following day my horse Maggie who is stiff to canter on the right rein was lovely and went beautifully. Thank you Alix for the help you have given us so far and we will see you again very soon." Diane

"Alix has worked wonders with my two horses Freddie and za, both had problems, Freddie was nervous and had alot of trust issues and had alot of tight muscles ect over his back, he was like a different horse whilst Alix was working on him I had never seen him so gentle and calm she worked all over his body even places we hadn't even been able to touch very much, after the first session with Alix he was totally different the next day more relaxed and loved Alix everytime she... came he is now so much easier to handle and his behaviour is great and also now being backed such a happy horse.

And Za had bad back problems from a badly fitted saddle which after again one session Za was so much more comfortable he used to fall asleep and nearly fall when Alix worked on him he was very relaxed and is so much happier now.


Both of my boys are very different since Alix and I will most definitely be having her come again in future and definitely recommend her.

Thank you Alix for all your help and will see you soon xx" Nicole

Alix is just amazing! Works wonders on my horses. They all benefit amazingly from her visits, which boost their performance and wellbeing. Can not recommend highly enough!
Her patience and expertise definitely ensures they all love the treatment and improves their ability to give 100% in training. Laurie, 2019


Science proves that massage and physio are not only physically enhancing for animals but also mentally. I am now a believer. . Alix has been visiting and treating my mare regularly over the last 12 months and she is now very happy, relaxed, fluid, content horse. Alix listens not only to the owner but more importantly to the horse. Alix understands, is patient, kind, hands on and never rushes to judgement. If you seeking an equine therapist I can not recommend her enough. An honest A*****. Sue, 2020


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