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What is Myo-Fascial Release? (MFR)

The fascia has a watery and electrical nature which means it is highly sensitive to magnetic and electrical changes.  It can hold or release water throughout the system and carry electrical energy through it.

Put simply, Myo (=muscle) -fascial release is a gentle hands on healing technique that works gently with the fascia encouraging the body to heal itself, increasing circulation and reducing the tissue build-up where it is not needed. 

Using a hands-on approach affects the energy system of the body.  It encourages the body to flow normally and move freely, to rebalance the distribution of tissue and fluids to their normal levels. 


Your body’s tissues hold a pattern memory of how to move freely and normally.  MFR accesses those memories and encourages the body back to normal movement patterns. 


It is not an instant fix, nor can the body heal instantly either.  MFR is a gentle technique that encourages free movement over time, maintaining the body in optimal condition. 


MFR takes the whole body into account, not just the area of pain.  It is a holistic therapy

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